1009 2nd Ave N and 18th St N
1010 2nd Ave N and 17th St
1011 2nd Ave N and 16th St N
1012 2nd Ave and 14th St N.
1013 2nd Ave and 12th St N.
1014 2nd Ave and 9th St N.
1015 2nd Ave and 6th Pl
1016 2nd Ave N and 4th St N
1017 2nd Ave and 1st St N (Family Court)
1018 Tuscaloosa Ave and Center Street
1019 Tuscaloosa Ave and 2nd St SW
1020 Tuscaloosa Ave and 4th St SW
1021 Tuscaloosa Ave and 6th St
1025 Tuscaloosa Ave and 11th St SW
1026 Tuscaloosa Ave and 13th St SW
1122 Tuscaloosa and 13th St SW (IB)
1123 Tuscaloosa Ave and 12th St SW
1126 Tuscaloosa and 6th St
1127 Tuscaloosa Ave and 5th St
1128 Tuscaloosa and 4th St
1129 Tuscaloosa Ave and 3rd St SW
1130 Tuscaloosa and Center St
1131 2nd Ave N and 1st St N (Family Court)
1132 2nd Ave N and 4th St
1133 2nd Ave and 5th St N.
1134 3rd Ave N and 8th St
1135 3rd Ave N and 9th St
1136 3rd Ave N and 12th St
1137 3rd Ave N and 14th St
1138 3rd Ave N & 16th St N
1139 3rd Ave N and 17th St N
1140 Tuscaloosa and 14th St SW
1141 Pearson Ave and 14th Pl SW
1142 Pearson Ave and 15th Pl SW
1143 Jefferson Ave & 16th Way
1144 Jefferson Ave and 17th Pl SW
1145 Jefferson Ave and 17th Way SW
1146 Jefferson Ave and 18th St SW
1148 18th Way SW and Lincoln Ave
1149 Grant Ave and 18th St SW
1150 Mayfield Ave and 19th St SW
1151 Mayfield Ave and 21st St SW
1152 24th St SW and Powderly Ave
1153 Brookhaven Ave and 24th St SW
1154 Brookhaven Ave and 28th St SW
1155 Snavely Ave and 31st St
1156 31st St and Jefferson
1157 31st St and Park Ave
1158 31st St SW and Aspen Ave
1159 31st St and Balsam Ave
1160 31st St SW & Cedar Ave
1161 31st St SW and SJ Bennett Dr
1162 Wilson Rd and Oak Ave
1163 31st St SW and Oak Dr (Wenonah High Scho
1164 Wilson Rd and 33rd St SW
1165 Wenonah Dr and Wenonah Park Pl
1166 Wenohah Dr and Wenonah Park Rd
1167 Wenonah Dr and Goldcrest Dr
1168 Wenohah Rd and Ishkooda-Wenonah Rd
1173 Ishkooda-Wenonah Rd and Wilson Rd
1174 Wilson Rd and Willard Ave
1175 Wilson Rd and Todd Ave
1176 Wilson Rd and Grasselli Ave
1178 Wilson Rd and 33rd St
1179 Wilson Rd and Ethel Hall Circle
1180 Wilson Rd and SJ Bennett Dr (IB)
1181 31st St and Cedar Ave (IB)
1182 31st St and Balsam Ave SW (IB)
1183 31st St SW & Dowell Ave
1184 31st St SW and Jefferson Ave (RTE 3)
1185 Brookhaven and 28th
1186 Brookhaven Ave and 24th St (IB)
1187 Mayfield Ave and 21st St SW
1188 Mayfield Ave and 20th St SW
1189 18th Way SW and Grant Ave
1190 18th Way and Lincoln Ave (IB)
1191 18th Way SW and Jefferson Ave
1192 Jefferson Ave 18th St (IB)
1193 Jefferson Ave & 17th Way (IB)
1194 Jefferson Ave & 17th Pl (IB)
1195 Pearson Ave and 15th Way SW
1196 Pearson Ave and Cleveland Ave
1197 14th St SW and Cotton Ave
2212 Lakeshore Pkwy and Wildwood Pkwy
2213 Lakeshore Pkwy and Wildwood Cir
2214 Lakeshore Pkwy and John Carroll Dr
2215 Lakeshore Pkwy and West Oxmoor Rd
2217 London Pkwy and Fortis College
2218 London Pkwy and Lakeshore Pkwy
2220 Wenonah Oxmoor Rd Near Precision Grindin
2221 Wenonah Oxmoor Rd and Ostlin Dr
2222 Wenonah Oxmoor Rd and WebBCircle
2223 Wenonah Oxmoor Rd and Goss St
2224 Wenonah Oxmoor Rd and Cammack Rd
2225 Wenonah Oxmoor Rd and Oxmoor Pl
2226 Wenonah Oxmoor Rd and Tom Martin Dr
2227 Tom Martin Dr and Media Service Bldg
2229 Tom Martin Dr Near 757 Address
2230 Tom Martin Dr and Lakeshore Pkwy
2231 Lakeshore Pkwy and West Oxmoor Rd (IB)
2232 John Carroll Dr and Lakeshore Pkwy
2233 Lakeshore Pkwy and Wildwood Cir
2870 Cotton Ave and 7th Ave SW